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VLSI Design

Course Objectives

VLSI offers great opportunities in chip design in the areas of ASIC, FPGA design and Custom Layout design.The course emphasis on writing solid synthesizable code and enough simulation code to write a viable test bench. VLSI and VHDL design addresses Xilinx devices specifically and FPGA devices in general. Gain knowledge in Xilinx software. The information gained can be applied to any digital design by using a top-down synthesis design approach.
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Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Digital system design.
  • Combinational and Sequential logic.
  • State machines and State diagrams.
  • CMOS design.
  • VLSI Design Principles Hierarchy.
  • Stick diagram & Layout Design, Testing, Verification.
  • Introduction to Programmable Logic and FPGAs.
  • CPLD and FPGA Families.
  • Design Problems using Xilinx Platforms.
  • Case Studies on FPGA Design Implementations.
  • Introduction to VHDL.
  • Behavioral Modeling – Process and Sequential Statements.
  • Data Modeling – Concurrent Statements.
  • Test Bench Design and Coding.
  • VLSI Testing Process, Defects, Faults, Fault Models, Delay Faults.
  • Combinational ATPG, Testability Measures, Sequential ATPG.
  • Various Verification Methodologies – OVM & VMM.
  • Introduction to SPICE.
  • Tanner EDA tools.
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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Able to use mathematical methods and circuit analysis models in analysis of CMOS digital electronics circuits.
  • Develop models of moderately sized CMOS circuits that realize specified digital functions.
  • Have an understanding of the characteristics of CMOS circuit construction and the comparison between different state-of-the-art CMOS technologies and processes.
  • Able to do own VLSI design project by having a set of objective criteria and design constraints.

Tools Used
  • Xilinx foundation
  • ISE - 8.2 series (Front end tool)
  • Model-SIM (Simulation Tool)
  • Leonardo Spectrum (Synthesis Tool)
  • FPGA/CPLD Implementation
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