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Robotic Makers

Course Objectives

To understand the concepts of Robotics. To understand what are controllers and how to make robots using Controllers. To introduce ARDUINO boards, Characteristics and the working of ARDUINO boards. To enable them to design many robotic kits using ARDUINO board. To design Automated Robots
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Topics Covered

  • Introduction to electronics.
  • Relationship between current, voltage and power.
  • Introduction to electronic devices.
  • Introduction to robotics.
  • Steps involving in design a robot.
  • Applications of robots.
  • Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcontrollers.
  • ATMEGA controllers and its Features.
  • Installing Arduino programming Software and Simulator.
  • Interfacing of Output devices.
  • Interfacing of Input devices.
  • Making of Robots using ARDUINO BOARD.
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Course Learning Outcomes

  • To design various robots like obstacle avoiding Robot, Line following robot.
  • Able to interface various sensors in Robot toys.
  • Able to control the robots wirelessly using mobile phone Apps.
  • To design their own robots using ARDUINO BOARDS.

List of Robots
  • Obstacle Avoiding robot using Ultrasonic sensors
  • Line Following robot using IR sensors
  • Human Following Robot
  • Remote Operated Robot
  • Bluetooth controlled Robot over Smart Phone
  • Spy Robot
  • Voice controlled Robot
  • Bug robot using Servo motors
  • Pick and Place Robot
  • Many simple Robots using LEGO’s Mindstrom Kit.
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