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Robotics Beginners Level 1

Course Objectives

To understand what is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. To understand what is Robotics and why we need it and how it is used in various applications. To design the basic electronic circuits. To know the design and working principle of toy robots. To enable the students to make many toy Robots. Design of the course is learning by doing-the only way to learn to do anything
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Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Science and its laws.
  • Introduction to Electronics.
  • Basic electronic components and its working.
  • Robotics and its Automations.
  • Need for Robotics.
  • Real time examples on Robotics.
  • Designing of electronic circuits.
  • Implementation of electronic application circuits.
  • Making of Toy robots.
  • Concepts of Moving Robot, Walking Robot, Rolling Robot.
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Course Learning Outcomes

  • To develop problem solving skills and Critical thinking.
  • Deep and sound knowledge on basic electronic circuits.
  • To understand the science concepts and its application.
  • To develop their own robots using Robotic kits.

Motor concept
  • Robot forward direction
  • Robot reverse direction
  • Robot turning in clockwise direction
  • Robot turning in anticlockwise direction
Light Robot
  • Light follower
  • Light avoider
  • Light detector
Obstacle robot
  • Obstacle follower
  • Obstacle avoider
  • Obstacle detector
Toy Robots
  • Bug Robot
  • Drawing Robot
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