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Raspberry Pi

Course Objectives

Raspberry Pi is the latest low-cost computing platform that enables to create interesting applications with basic programming languages. This course is to train the students to startup with Raspberry Pi board and develop applications. Enable students to become familiar with the VI editor and be able to use to use it proficiently to create and modify files. To understand the basics of programming languages used on R-Pi. Students can create animations and games.
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Topics Covered

  • ARM Processors.
  • Architecture of ARM 9 and ARM 11.
  • IDE-Programming with GPIO.
  • SOC.
  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi board and installation.
  • Configuration of R-Pi.
  • Preparation of booting SD card.
  • Basic Linux comments and interfacing.
  • Programming Python on R-pi.
  • Programming C on R-pi.
  • Simple game development with SCRATCH.
  • Camera Interface.
  • Image Processing Application.
  • DC Motor Control.
  • RELAY control AC bulb ON/OFF.
  • GSM Interface, Zigbee Interface.
  • Basic application developments.
  • Bluetooth Android Interface.
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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Boot the R-Pi with SD card and other peripherals.
  • Create user accounts and to write various programs using Python and C languages.
  • Network the R-pi and managing directories, files.
  • Create and debug programs in an integrated development environment.
  • Design and develop their own projects using various sensors.

Tools Used
  • Raspberry Pi Board
  • Python Shell
  • VGA to HDMI Converter
  • Hardware components
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