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PCB Design and Fabrication

Course Objectives

To understand what is PCB and why we need PCB designing. To get knowledge in Power handling skills in PCB design. To study the functions and applications of ORCAD software. To design and simulate new projects using ORCAD software. And to design the PCB board in hardware with Cost consideration and efficiency.
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Topics Covered

  • Introduction to PCB.
  • PCB history.
  • Types of PCB and its parts.
  • Overview of all basic electronic components.
  • Study of component data sheets.
  • Schematic creation, Component analysis and Library management.
  • Design rule check, Manual net list creation.
  • Introduction to Layout rules, Library and its components.
  • Component placement.
  • Layout checklist(general/electrical/physical).
  • Layout designing for different types of PCB boards.
  • Different manufacturing methods of PCB, its design issues and auto routing.
  • Art work generation.
  • Manual designing of PCB.
  • Etching, Soldering and Testing.
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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge in step-by-step approach for the development and manufacturing of a printed circuit board.
  • Identifying the correct components to use in the design.
  • Able to find specific issues and skill to solve it in the areas of manufacturing and assembly.
  • The students can come to know the potential pollution and safety impacts of PCB manufacturing, as well as applicable standards.

Tools Used
  • ORCAD 9.2
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