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Global Communication

Course Objectives

This course provides an overview of data exchange between computers and dedicated communication devices. The different levels of data communication will be explained, ranging from highly integrated connections on microchips across system busses to wide-area networks. Among criteria like speed and transmission capacity, other aspects as security issues and the cost are explained to make communication effective. Helps to understand the network layered architecture and various communication protocols.
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Topics Covered

  • Introduction to communication systems.
  • Analog and digital communication systems.
  • Introduction to communication protocols.
  • Wired communication protocols.
  • USART(Universal Synchronous asynchronous reception and transmission).
  • SPI( Serial peripheral interface).
  • I2C (Inter integrated Circuits).
  • USB (Universal serial bus).
  • Introduction to CAN protocol.
  • Wireless communication protocols.
  • RF Communication.
  • GSM (Global system of mobile communication).
  • GPS(Global positioning system).
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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Able to analyze electrical and electronic diagrams.
  • Evaluate (Measure, Interpret, and Explain) the Electronics System parameters.
  • To develop your own application using electronic components.
  • To design a real time application with microcontrollers and processors.
  • Better understanding of communication taking place between two devices.

Tools Used
  • MPLAB V 8.66
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