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Course Objectives

The C programming course provides an accelerated introduction to the most essential syntactical components of the C. To understand what is programming language and that teaches the student how to develop software using programming, debugging the programs, building the solution. The course begins by introducing the built in data types, fundamental control constructs, Functions, Pointers, Arrays, Structure and Unions in C. This course will enable the students to learn C language and solve a specific programming problem.
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Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Programming in C.
  • Data types & Operators.
  • Formatted Input and Output Statements.
  • Conditional Constructs.
  • Looping Constructs & Arrays.
  • Functions & Pointers.
  • Basic Programming techniques.
  • Digital to Analog Conversions.
  • Files.
  • Structures & Unions.
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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to do develop, design and implement simple computer programs.
  • Understand functions and parameter passing.
  • Be able to do numeric (algebraic) and string-based computation.
  • Be able to solve a specific programming problem.

Tools Used
  • Turbo C
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