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Art of Electronics

Course Objectives

To understand what is electricity and how it is used in various applications. To know the construction and working of active and passive components. Knowledge to construct more complex circuits such as rectifier circuits and power supplies. To study the working principles of the semiconductor devices and its applications.To identify the difference between digital and linear electronics.
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Topics Covered

  • Introduction to analog and digital electronics.
  • Active and passive components.
  • Introduction to electronic components.
  • Basic components types and its working.
  • Introduction to semiconductor devices.
  • Working principles of semiconductor devices.
  • Digital and linear electronics.
  • Semiconductor memories and its types.
  • Introduction to microcontroller and processors.
  • Introduction to Embedded systems.
  • Real time examples on Embedded systems.
  • Introduction to communication systems.
  • Analog and digital communication system.
  • Introduction to RF communication.
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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate (Measure, Interpret, and Explain) the Electronics System parameters and variables with the electronics instruments.
  • To develop the own application using electronic components.
  • To design a real time application circuits with microcontrollers and processors.
  • To understand the methodology of the communication taking place between two devices.

Tools Used
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