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Course Objectives

This course will introduce students to the principles and programming environments used with Processing and ARDUINO. To train the students to startup with ARDUINO board and its IDE installation. To gain knowledge on ATMEGA controllers. To provide required skill and knowledge needed to do ATMEGA based projects. Equip electronics hobbyists to convert their enthusiasm and talent into developing various projects such as robot design.
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Topics Covered

  • Basic Concept of Embedded System.
  • Introduction to ARDUINO Board.
  • Introduction of ATMEGA controller.
  • Initializing ARDUINO board IDE.
  • Architecture of ATMEGA.
  • Introduction to C language.
  • Basic Programming techniques.
  • Digital to Analog Conversions.
  • Types of Interrupts and Interrupt registers.
  • Enabling and Disabling Interrupt.
  • Timers and Counters.
  • External Interfacing.
  • 16x2 LCD display.
  • Seven segment display.
  • Keypad interfacing.
  • Communication Protocols.
  • Drivers and Circuits.
  • DC motor application.
  • Servo Motor Connections.
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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the basic principle of how to communicate with the ARDUINO.
  • Able Understand the conditions for ARDUINO & Processing.
  • Design and develop their own projects using various sensors.
  • Able to use microcontrollers with practical applications.
  • To develop programs on ARDUINO and to create own projects.

Tools Used
  • ARDUINO Board
  • Hardware Components
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